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1. About A/S(After Service)

Customer who wish to use our A/S system should visit our customer service team in our head office, or visit closest shop.

Phone number : 1566-9171
Home shopping / Product from internet (A/S) : 02-850-8758
Exchange and refund from internet or home shopping : 02-850-4012(8301) or may call relevant home shopping company

2. Frequently Asked Questions

(1) What makes JINDO’s A/S system (After Service system) better than other companies?
– We have management of computation system for each of our product with serial number. The serial number symbolizes JINDO’s product quality and makes A/S procedure to its best.

(2) What is the reason for partial loss of hair?
– Reason for partial loss of hair might be moth-eaten cause of mishandling failure. This can be repaired with charge.

(3) The product smells naphthalene (Or chemical product).
– You should keep chemical product away from the product such as naphthalene or other chemical product because they can easily permeate into pelt and cause gross scent.

(4) The product has been burned by fire.
– Due to nature of pelt, it’s hard to repair. You should call our customer service center and ask for options.

(5) It has been years since I bought this product. Color around shoulder and collar is fading.
– UV rays or fluorescence lights cause products color to fade. If the reason for damage is from mishandling repair is not possible. For more information please contact our A/S center.

(6) Is it possible to change the product from different shop?
– Yes it is possible to change the product only to same style (same product) or with equal price product.

(7) Pelt exposure around shoulder line and collar.
– Exposure of pelt can be easily fixed by steam-ironing or by brushing. Cause of pelt exposure is because of pressure on the product during delivery and during storage.

(8) How long is guarantee period of quality?
– Guarantee period of quality is for one year.

(9) Could not avoid from rain or snow, what should I do?
– Customers often make mistakes by hanging wet product near fire or use hair dryer to dry the product, but it only causes the product to hardening and tearing. If the product is wet, please call our service center.

3. Problem occurrence

– Deterioration of function
Oil inside the pelt slowly degenerates into acid, and cause deterioration of function and tearing.

– Wet garment
Pelt easily get hardened and tears apart when it’s wet. So when the product get snowed or get wet, you should shake off the snow (water) and then wipe out the rest with dry towel. Iron, hair dryer, or anything that makes heat will cause tearing and hardening.

– Ironing the inner lining
We do not recommend you to iron the product, because heat from the iron will be transferred to pelt and cause hardening.

– Excessive cleaning
Excessive cleaning causes loss of manufactured oils which stands for protection of pelts. Loss of manufactured oil leads to hardening, tearing, and lack of gloss.
We recommend you to do cleaning once in every 3~4 years at fur cleaning laundry shop, or visit our customer service center.

– Excessive wearing
Wearing the smaller sized product against your body may cause tearing.

– Mold
If the product was kept in high temperature, in high humidity or with dust after used it will generate moles and start to stink.
Moles can be cleaned off by using cleaning service but dyed pelt could be decolorized.

– Using cosmetics
Do not use cosmetic products such as perfumes or deodorants directly on our product to get rid of sweat smell. Odor from pelt and odor from cosmetic product could combine together and make awful stink.

– Contamination
In the nature of fur garment damages and contaminations are very hard to notice and if you wear it for period dusts, food, and sweats from you could cause discoloration and fading spots.

– Sunlight, fluorescent light, and etc.
Discoloration can be found in fur products same as woven products.
To prevent discoloration you have to keep the product in ventilation area.

4. How to behave while wearing fur product

– Perfumes cause loss of glossary, discoloration and stains. Please be cautious.

– Heating machines (fire place, heater, and etc), sunlight, or cigarette smoke could cause discoloration.

– When you have to sit down for long time while wearing product aware of pressure on the hair, especially car warm sit system could cause modification.

– When carrying bags or baggage, aware of pressure on the hairs around shoulder and sleeve.

– If you expose the product on sunlight or strong light for long time it will cause discoloration.

5. Cleaning

– Jean product
Cloths that are made out of jean material should be dry-cleaned for first few times. If not possible put them inside out and then put them into washing machine to prevent fading and shape shifting.

– Cotton product
100 percent cotton products can be laundry machine cleaned, but to wear for long time, we recommend hand-washing or dry cleaning.
Washing machine could damage the zipper on the product. Zipper must be zipped before laundry. If hood or inner lining is detachable from cotton product, it should be removed before laundry.

– Knit sweater
Even if knit or sweater product is okay to go into washing-machine, we recommend dry-clean your product when you wash your product for the first few times and hand-wash later on.
When you hand-wash the product, put neutral detergent into warm water then wash clothes, and use towels to soak the water. When towels soak the water enough, hang the product on hanger to dry naturally.

– Leather product
Leather products must be dry-cleaned. Don’t use benzol and cleaning chemicals, because they may cause fading spots. When it gets wet, do not attempt to dry it on sunlight or by heat , just wipe it out with dry towel and let it dry naturally in ventilation area.

– Alpaca product
If you gently brush the alpaca product after dry-cleaning, it will find its glossy look back again.
The reason for brushing is because most of laundry shop does not brush the product after cleaning. When you brush the product, don’t use too much power on brushing your product. They are weak for external friction.

– Goose padding product
Goose padding should be dry-cleaned. If dry-cleaning is not possible, check the cleaning instruction label and follow its instruction.

6. Storage and management

– Keep fur product with plenty space to avoid hair bending from pressure and avoid direct sunlight to stop decolorization.

– If fur product is in closet, remove the cover.

– If dehumidifying product is near the fur clothes, it will absorb moist from pelt and cause hardening.

– Keeping fur garments in high temperature or in high humidity will cause mold or stink because fur garments are extremely weak against high temperature and high humidity. (Suggested temperature 15degree and humidity 50%)

– Disinfectants such as naphthalene will leave stink on your garment. We recommend you to use disinfectants without odor.

– Ventilation is very important in rainy season. Avoid using dehumidifying product and use fan for ventilation.

– When garment gets snowed or wet, shake it off first. Then use towel or paper towel to absorb water and hang the garment in ventilation area. If garment is completely wet, please call our customer service team.

7. About reform

– What is reform?

Reform is to change old-style garments to new style or modifying the size of garment. But reform is possible only when pelt in garment is in good condition.

– Available reform

1. When you want to reform your garment into latest style.
2. When garment is big.
3. When you wish to change collar style to latest style.
4. When sleeve or body part is bulky.
5. When you are not satisfied with your garment’s body style.
6. When you extend length of garment various reforms are possible.
7. When you shorten length of garment we can make muffler out of residual quantity.
8. When you have old style fox muffler it can be used as collar.
9. When you get tired of collar on garment we can attach hood.
10. When you want to add fur belt it’s addable.
11. When you want to add mink collar and cuffs on wool coats its’ addable.
12. When you want to expand or diminishment arm hole.
13. When you want to change inner lining it’s changeable.
14. When you want to change inner lining it’s changeable.
15. When you want to change pocket it’s changeable.
16. When you want to attach or remove hooks or buttons it’s doable.

Please call our customer service team or 1566-9171 to make reservation. (If you can’t visit our reform service team, our shop near you will hand over your product to us.)

8. Quality Guarantee